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Bring inspiring content to life across your learning ecosystem.

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Flexible integration options allow you to seamlessly deliver high-impact microlearning.

Take advantage of our full learning platform or use the digital real estate you already have in play. With our Blue Ocean Brain Everywhere integration technology, your intranet, LMS, and LXP can become a true consumer-grade learning experience.

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Handling Change

Stand out from the crowd and different creative idea concepts , The longest light ladder glowing among other short ladders on light green pastel color background with shadows . 3D rendering.

Leadership Development

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Seamless pattern of a crowd of many different people profile heads.

Diversity & Inclusion

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Digital Strength

Power of mind concept.

Emotional Intelligence

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Growth Mindset

Exciting features your people will want to lean into - again and again.

Learning that is accessible, multi-modal, and on-demand helps you provide the learning perk they crave.

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A Living Library People Love

Supported by adaptive learning technology, our library offers new content daily to support your learners' development journey.

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Valuable Videos

No green screen lectures here. Our expert videos are carefully curated to offer a global perspective and best-in-class training.

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Games For Good

Our short brain breaks help replenish mental energy and energize employees. Healthy competition drives engagement.

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Knowledge Checks

Our quick knowledge checks confirm understanding. Employees can see their progress, leaders can track learning impact.

Transform your existing training.

Modernize your current learning resources easily. We will micro-size your existing content into learning experiences busy people love.

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The Support You Need

Every client can depend on a dedicated Success Manager, Content Development Manager, and Design Specialist throughout their entire experience with Blue Ocean Brain. From custom learning paths, to integration and content delivery, to launch support and ongoing reporting - everything is tailored to your needs and initiatives.

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Integration is a Snap

Our Blue Ocean Brain flexible integration technology is designed to play well with your existing learning ecosystem and delivery needs.

  • 100% Cloud Based
  • API Integration
  • Content-Only Options
  • Single Sign-On
  • Social Media Integration
  • Globally Relevant Content

Diversity & Inclusion training that drives true cultural shifts.

We know what works and what doesn't when it comes to building diverse and inclusive workplace cultures. Authentic, inspirational content delivered in a seamless one-click experience for your learners.

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Through One Digital Door

Companies get ecstatic about the employee traction Blue Ocean Brain receives. Making us a front door for your resources and important messaging can be a powerful option.

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Leadership Messaging

Example of Blue Ocean Brain's mobile content: Leadership messaging
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Company Training Videos

Example of Blue Ocean Brain's mobile content: Internal Safety Videos
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Team at a table, with one person gesturing to a chart while team members look on

Technical Skills Training

Example of Blue Ocean Brain's mobile content: custom technical training
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Onboarding Materials

Example of Blue Ocean Brain's mobile content: Custom onboarding content
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Company Resource Links

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